22122 Eastern Dream Soap


This beautiful handmade soap is made using pure and Fairtrade ingredients including: Fairtrade Olive Oil, Fairtrade Cocoa Butter, Fairtrade Shea Butter. 100% vegan, this soap is rich, creamy and super moisturising. Scented with pure essential oils and no artificial fragrances. Eastern Dream is a spicy aromatic blend scented with pure essential oils that will soothe and lift you



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The box is made from recycled cotton paper, that is printed by hand by a Fair Trade group in Jaipur.

Eastern Dream Soap

Revive and cleanse your skin with our fairtrade certified Eastern Dream Soap. We have created this dreamy indulgent soap, not only to cleanse your skin, but to also ease your mind of any stress or angst that may be present. 

Patchouli derives from the MInt family and is known worldwide for its luxurious earthy sweet fragrance. There’s no wondering why it’s one of the favourite scents used in perfumes worldwide, from Giorgio Armani to Tom Ford! It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial so is helpful for healing damaged skin and in soothing rough patches or achey areas. 

We used Orange Essential Oil within this soap, to provide it’s wonderful citrus aroma. This oil is also anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial so helps in further easing pain or discomfort and fighting off infection. It is thought to help calm one’s mind and lift people’s moods, which is obviously great for the mind, but also for the skin as well. Reducing one’s stress levels can play major parts in your skin’s health, as stress can often be a trigger for oily skin flare ups or dry skin conditions such as eczema. 

Lavender Essential Oil is involved to further calm your mind, and cleanse your skin, and combines perfectly with the aromas of the Orange and Patchouli. To add a final touch of luxury we have added Cedarwood Essential Oil, for that musky woody undertone that completes this soap’s identity. 

Other ingredients include: Coconut Oil, to keep your skin hydrated and glowing; Shea Butter, to help in locking in that moisture; Sodium Hydroxide, an essential ingredient in soap-making; Cocoa Butter, to add firmness and further moisture to the bar; Avocado Oil, rich in moisturising vitamins; Hemp Oil, great for the skin and helps to make a luxurious lather; and Grapefruit Seed Extract, a rich antioxidant. 

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