22152 Reviving Bath Oil


Freshen up your mind and body with our Reviving Bath Oil, just pouring two tablespoons of this glorious natural oil into your bath can boost your bathing experience into a spa-like treatment. 


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Reviving Bath Oil

Bergamot Oil, not only gives off a luxuriously sweet aroma, but also has wonderful effects on the skin. It is a natural cicatrizant, which means that it can help to heal scars and other marks on the skin, including fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps with the distribution of pigments and melanin within the skin, resulting in a more even skin tone. So you can begin to feel like your best self. It is thought to stimulate the activity of dopamine and serotonin, which are both hormones linked to our mental health, and so can help in bringing on feelings of relaxation, so that you can leave your stress behind you. 

We have used Lavender Essential Oil, one of the most versatile of oils, as it is a great balancer. It adapts to fit your body’s specific needs, which is pretty magical if you think about it. It can help your body to adapt to stress, due to its soothing qualities and it is thought to be effective in relieving pain, promoting sleep and boosting general energy levels, therefore helping you to feel fully revived. We have used Rosemary Essential Oil, coming from that herb that we all know and love, as an ingredient within this bath oil. It stimulates circulation when massaged into the skin, which creates an energising sensation within the body, giving you a boost.

Petitgrain has a refreshing sweet woody scent that combines beautifully with the floral notes from the Lavender and the almost minty scent from the Rosemary. Petitgrain Essential Oil is also thought to have an uplifting and relaxing effect on the mind, and body, helping you to reach that ultimate place of content.

We use Grapeseed oil, Canola Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Peach Kernel Oil within our bath oils, to provide a super nourishing and moisturising experience, as well as a calming one. All of these pure oils are light and emollient, meaning that they are non-greasy and also that they absorb easily into the skin. This means that while you bathe, these oils shall be deeply moisturising your skin so that you feel silky smooth afterwards, and smelling of Roses. 

Finally, we have also used Grapefruit Seed Extract, as it is rich in antioxidants, which work wonders at keeping your skin healthy and fresh.


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