22154 Warming Bath Oil


Keep warm and comforted with our fairtrade certified Warming Bath Oil. 

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Warming Bath Oil

Keep warm and comforted with our fairtrade certified Warming Bath Oil. 

Coriander, love or hate the taste, is great for your skin, which is why we have used Coriander Essential Oil within this bath oil. It has a warming effect on the skin (Very apt for this particular oil!), meaning that it is great at helping to relieve pain or discomfort. It contains high levels of antioxidans which means that it is great at battling off any free radicals (the nasty molecules in our body that try and damage our skin cells), and therefore aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines upon the skin and other possible damage. 

Ginger has made a name for itself for being a great healer in general. We have used Ginger Essential Oil here because of its antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively works as a detox for your skin, helping to unclog the pores and allowing your skin to breathe, meaning that your skin will look, and feel, much fresher. It is thought to inspire confidence and lower feelings of self-doubt, so that you can not only look brighter and healthier but also feel it too. 

Two more natural oils that we have used are Orange Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil, which work amazingly together to create a lovely refreshing but calming aroma. Orange Essential Oil is thought to bring on a sense of calm and is thought to have wonderful cleansing properties. The beautiful citrus aroma that is present promotes an energising sensation within the mind, and also the body, as it promotes circulation when massaged into the skin. Cedarwood Essential Oil is thought to help tighten the muscles and the skin, so that your skin remains firm and supple, giving you that healthy glowing look.

We use Grapeseed oil, Canola Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Peach Kernel Oil within our bath oils, to provide a super nourishing and moisturising experience as well as a calming one. All of these pure oils are light and emollient, meaning that they are non-greasy and also that they absorb easily into the skin. This means that while you bathe, these oils shall be deeply moisturising your skin so that you feel silky smooth afterwards, and smelling of Roses. 

Finally, we have also used Grapefruit Seed Extract, as it is rich in antioxidants, which work wonders at keeping your skin healthy and fresh.


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