22196 Orange Lip Balm


Everything starts with the lips, from a hum to a smile, from a chat to a grand speech, they get us through a lot! So they deserve to be looked after. That is why we’ve produced a range of fairtrade certified handmade lip balms to make that even easier for you, using all natural ingredients, each tailored to a specific balm. Those days of dry, chapped, flaky lips shall be a distant memory once you’ve had a taste of our range.



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Orange Infused Lip Balm

Oranges remind us of sitting outside with blue skies and a fresh hearty breakfast, of that real energising wake up call that even just the scent of oranges can offer. And through further research we have discovered that they can have a similar effect on your skin too! Introducing our fairtrade certified Orange Infused Lip Balm.

We have used Orange extract in this lip balm, not only for its refreshing scent, but for its naturally brightening and detoxifying properties. Oranges are high in vitamin C which helps even out your skin’s texture, by supporting your body’s production of Collagen, and therefore makes it smooth and helps maintain a youthful elasticity within, highly important for all the motions we put our lips through day to day! As though just to spoil us, oranges are also packed with Vitamin A, which helps strengthen your skin which helps to keep wrinkles and lines away. 

Another ingredient we love using is Apricot Kernel Oil, which we’ve included in all our balms, as it is so good for the skin. It is an emollient which means that it absorbs easily into the skin, without leaving behind an oily residue, and creates a moisture sealing barrier. This helps keep your lips hydrated for longer. It is also super rich in essential fatty acids, which work wonders for keeping our skin soft and smooth. 

Other ingredients of this lip balm include: Grapeseed oil, a natural skin toner; Beeswax, super helpful for maintaining hydration; Shea butter, to help soften the skin; and Vitamin E Oil, which can have anti-aging effects. 


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