22136 Rose Garden Bath Bomb


No one turns their nose up at the smell of a Rose. Their sweet floral scent is such a treat on the senses, and… well, if we could bottle up a real Rose Garden and give it to you, we would! But for now, here’s the next best thing.

Relax and unwind with our fairtrade certified Rose Garden Bath Bomb, to help all the worries of the day fizz away, and surround you with fresh natural aromas from the comfort of your bathtub. 

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Rose Geranium oil is thought to help in calming anxiety, and in lifting the spirits high like a rose stem. It is soothing on the skin and helps to balance out the sebum (the natural oil in our skin that tries to provide moisture) so that it can maintain a healthy level! So if you have naturally oily skin, the Rose Geranium Essential Oil within this bath bomb shall help to make your skin less oily and vice versa. Rose Geranium oil extends the rose scent that comes from Rose Essential oil so they work hand-in-hand in making a super smelling luxury product.

Rose Essential Oil hydrates the skin, and minimises the appearance of scars. So not only have we included it for its delicious smell but also for its nourishing benefits. Afterall, with a bath bomb like this you are going to want to recline in the bath for a while, so why not get a moisturising treatment at the same time!

We have also included Palma Rosa Essential Oil, which, although a descendent of the lemongrass family, gives off a lovely rosy scent, but with added hints of citrus thrown into the mix. It penetrates deep into the skin to provide a really enriching treatment, as it nourishes the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) and balances out the moisture levels, therefore helping to make your skin stay strong and maintain a healthy glow.

Other ingredients include: Lavender Essential Oil,for its soothing properties on the body and mind; Bicarbonate of Soda, and Citric Acid, for that gloriously satisfying fizz when it hits the water; Corn Starch, to slow down the bath bomb’s reaction so that the indulgent experience lasts longer; Apricot Kernel Oil, due to its wonderful moisturising properties; Witch Hazel, a natural liquid binder that we use in all of our bath bombs; Grapefruit Seed Extract, as its full of antioxidants; Madder Powder, for it’s beautiful rich natural colouring; and Rose Petals, to complete the luxury of the experience.


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