22138 Eastern Dream Bath Bomb


Relish in our fairtrade certified Eastern Dream Bath Bomb, packed full of scents and goodness that transport you all over the world, to places beyond your wildest dreams. The warm water within the bath helps your skin to absorb these oils and really reap the benefits, through making contact with the skin and also breathing in the refreshing scents. 

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Eastern Dream

Orange Essential Oil is thought to bring on a sense of calm, something we think is very important when it comes to bath time, as it’s sometimes the only moment when you can actually have a proper timeout. It is thought to have wonderful cleansing properties (perfect for bathing!) and gives off a beautifully sweet citrus aroma that promotes an energising sensation within the mind. 

We have mixed it with our Cedarwood Essential Oil and our Patchouli Essential Oil, which together create a lovely warm spicy aroma. Both of these oils help to reduce stress levels, so sit back and relax and let our bath bomb do all the work for you. 

Other ingredients include: Bicarbonate of Soda, and Citric Acid, for that super satisfying fizz when it hits the water; Corn Starch, to slow down the bath bomb’s reaction so that the indulgent experience lasts longer; Apricot Kernel Oil, due to its wonderful moisturising properties; Witch Hazel, a natural liquid binder that we use in all of our bath bombs; Grapefruit Seed Extract, as its full of antioxidants; and Marigold Petals, to add that last touch of luxury.


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